The Harlem Line: Lessons Learned Along The Way

The Harlem Line by Wayne Sobers

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The Harlem Line is a real-life adventure story of a successful African-American executive, born in the Bronx in 1937, who has been a meteorologist, naval officer, entrepreneur, marketer, media guru, automobile dealer, financial advisor and a certified professional life and business coach. He is a mentor to many African-American sisters and brothers. His trek to success is the epitome of the poem “Don’t Quit” and The Harlem Line will inspire younger men and women, especially those of African descent, to ride their own Harlem Line to affluence and success. The memoir describes how he dealt with the challenges and obstacles to success; how they shaped and strengthened his character and the lessons he learned as he progressed through life.

The title is derived from his living in proximity to The Harlem (Railroad) Line all his life and how his achievements and setbacks correlate to where he lived relative to the regions and stations served by the line.

Lessons Learned Along the Way

  • Being observant will heighten your awareness and ability to learn.
  • Always determine the “ground rules” in advance.
  • Your ego can destroy you.  Keep it in check.
  • Don’t be a smart ass.  Be receptive to advice from those who know.
  • When logic is foggy, follow your instincts, trust your gut!

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