Coaching Testimonials

Highly Recommend

Working with Wayne, even for a short period of time truly changed my life. His hands on, can-do approach forced me to take steps each day and each week towards my goal and to truly look at whether my goals were realistic, attainable and if so, how. I would highly recommend working with Wayne and feel very lucky to have had that experience.

Karen Hertz, Esq.

I wanted to thank you

Hello Wayne, I wanted to thank you again for your amazing coaching and your ability to bring my spirits up as if you have a magic wand. I thank you for your words of encouragement, it makes it easier for me to believe in myself. I thank you for your compassion and understanding in my financial situation and going beyond in offering your service. May God bless you and keep you healthy, prosperous, happy and safe for you to continue being a light to as many people as possible.

Love & Appreciation

A. Carrasco

His coaching empowered me

Working with Wayne the Coach helped to change my life, both personally and professionally. In only a few short weeks, I was able to identify, address and overcome several major obstacles to my business’ expansion and growth. His coaching empowered me to deal with a life changing personal challenge, as well.

His coaching efforts helped me to secure 3 new clients to my consulting business almost immediately. I have a newfound confidence and feeling of self worth that have been like a shot of adrenaline in my practice and family life.

Wayne is insightful and sensitive, firm and practical, encouraging and motivating. At first, I wasn’t sure that working with a coach would make such a big difference. Now, I am stronger than I have ever been, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

I know what I want, and thanks in large part to ‘Wayne the Coach,’ I am not afraid to go and get it.

Rhonda James, President

Thy Right Hand Virtual Business Solutions, LLC

Comfortable Working with You

Dear Wayne, I am very comfortable working with you as my life coach because not only do you have the highest integrity of anyone I have ever known, but your experience in the upper echelon of business and industry throughout the years is nonpareil. Your easy going but firm approach helps to make me feel strong as we forge ahead in our sessions.

So far, I have made great strides working with you and I know that I am on the verge of great and wonderful changes in my life, some of which will surely be reflected on the F.Y.I. page of my website for all the world to see! Thanks again, Wayne.

Very Truly Yours

J. W. Ford

Helping me get motivated

I had the benefit of working with Wayne during my transition from a full-time job to a freelance career. Coach Wayne was most supportive and insightful in helping me get motivated and evaluate my strengths and priorities. With his knowledgeable guidance and encouragement I was able to develop a structure and confidence to accomplish the steps needed to proceed forward.

Anna Zavorina

Wonderful Coach and Human Being

Dear Wayne, Over four months ago, I was paralyzed by my feeling of hopelessness. In my personal and professional life I did a fantastic job in taking care of everyone else. Through empowerment training I have learned that most important person in my life is– ME! I am discovering that I have all the answers to achieving my own happiness in life.

The past is the past and the present and the future are what count. I look to the future no longer with fear and anxiety but with joyful anticipation. I am indebted to my wonderful coach and human being, Wayne Sobers, for his guidance and patience.

Thank you Wayne!!

L. Moore

Set the Foundation for my Success

Hello Mr. Sobers, I just can’t say it enough — how thankful I am and blessed that I met you. There is ‘no doubt your guidance led my career and ultimate business path — to what I am in business today. After reflection it was your direction, guidance, intuitiveness and patience that set the foundation for my success in career path and business into motion. Just saying…

This mental healing thing really gives cause too the root – of course there were others I’ve met along the way but you laid the foundation. I did not know it then but I definitely know it now. So thank you.

L.B. Brown

BBG Communications, Inc.
d/b/a/ Clinton Hill Simply Art & Framing Gallery

privileged to have your ear and input

Dear Wayne The Coach, You have been my coach for so long, it’s just so right that you avail others of your wisdom, patience, integrity and commitment to facilitating self empowerment, and contributing to upgrading the quality of life for others on this planet.

I’ve always felt privileged to have your ear and input, and trust others will as well.

Success is yours because this is your purpose.

C. Hockaday

Hello and Thank You

Just called to say hello and thank you for the impact you made in my life in the 90’s with Heaven 97 in Dallas with Gary Lewis. You can note what I do at Again thanks for being a blessing!

Dr. Alvin Augustus Jones

Eternally Thankful to You

Hi Wayne! I know it has been a long time since I have corresponded with you… I will be eternally thankful to you for helping me believe in myself and to realize that anything is possible. I think the most painful thing that I learned was that I allowed myself to be emotionally abused for years because I was so afraid. I’m not afraid now. I am so thankful for having known you.